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10 tips to take care of your dog on this beach holiday

Some time ago it was not allowed and it was not so frequent the entry of the puppies to the beaches, now that they have become members of the family, they are part of the vacation plans, before, the option was to leave them in the care of someone or take them to a nursery, today they travel comfortably in the car or plane.

But like any good vacation plan, it needs planning, to avoid unforeseen events, we want to share some useful tips, to have your best friend in the best conditions and enjoy this time together.

1.Make sure that the beach you go to if the pet is allowed to enter.
2.Carry your backpack, with the necessary implements, water, medicines (if you need them), kibble, food, tolla, toys.
3.Remember the bags to collect your needs, keep the place clean so that other people and puppies can enjoy the place.
4.Choose a cool place, with shade, to protect the pet from excessive heat and be able to take small breaks, remember also, that it can suffer from heat stroke, so you must avoid contact with very high temperatures.
5.Make sure you consume water consistently, keeping it hydrated is critical to the success of the trip.
6.Check the depth of the area where the dog will take a bath, so you avoid big scares.
7.No allow him to run in prohibited or dangerous areas.
8.Enjoy these family moments and take lots of photos
9.De return home, it is important to bathe it with some fresh water, to remove traces of sand.
10.When they are already at home, give them a full bath, to maintain proper hygiene.

Do not miss anything with your best friend, now it is possible, a family vacation is the perfect option, remember to have the camera ready, to capture those unforgettable moments and always take with you the snacks that your puppy likes so much.

Get here its favorite snacks and have a lot of fun with your BFF.

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